Janasanchar FM 107.9mhz is a Local  FM radio station of Bhaktapur, established in March 24, 2009. It can be listen all around the Kathmandu Valley and near it. It is a one of the community based Radio of Bhaktapur. It is most popular Radio station of Bhaktapur. It’s slogan is ‘People’s voice, people’s thought’ and provides Information, Voxpop, news and entertainment programs 18 hours daily. Additionally, it is available via the internet in www.janasancharnews.com and www.jfm.com.np 

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Radio Janasanchar FM 107.9MHz Introduction With the ambition of broadcasting the Local language, Art and Culture, current affairs, Natural disaster risk reduction, Health and Education, information and entertainment to the local community of coverage area. Radio Jansanchar FM 107.9MHz was established in 2065-12-11B.S. From the year of its establishment this radio station is running with an undertaking of “Janasanchar Griha (Samaj)” the community based organization. Radio Jansanchar FM is producing the local Radio Presenter by utilizing the local resources and awaring the local community Activities, through, news, information, interview, talk show, public’s view and different musics.

Target Group

Radio Janasanchar FM draws no line among the castes and creeds of the country Nepal. Specially, the presentation of this radio station covers the historical and cultural city Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley and it’s nearer districts, all age groups, castes, ethnics, religion, vision, interest, mother tongue are the target group of this radio station.

Coverage Area and Capacity

Coverage Area : Kathmandu Valley and its nearer places.

Capacity : 500 watt Altitude : Frquency Modulation :107.9 MHz

Organizatinal Structure

From the coordination of “Janasanchar Griha (Samaj)” along with the station manager, programme co-ordinator, technicians, marketing officers, office assistant and radio presenters, Radio Jansanchar FM is able to form it’s organizational structure.

Co-ordination and Member

An undertaking of Jansanchar Ghriha, Radio Jansanchar FM is the member of Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal(ACORAB), AMARK, Indigenous Radio Networks.

Broadcasting time

Each day the radio on-air from morning 5:00 to night 11 for completely 18  hours.

Chairman and Station Manager (Janasanchar Griha)

Suresh Prasad Sayanju


Voice chairman

Shailendr shahi

Journal Secretary

Prem Prajapati

Deputy Secretary

Jiwan Suwal


Amita hyaumikha


Krishna Kisi

Purnbhakt duwal

Suresh rajbhandari

Sarswoti Gosain